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Questions & Answers

What is a Brotherhood chapter?

Answer:  A Brotherhood chapter is essentially a school organization, similar to other organizations in your school, i.e., student council, Girls Inc., etc.  It is managed by a chapter director who is typically an adult male volunteer (teacher or support staff) who agrees to schedule the weekly meetings, teach the leadership curricula, and participate in other Brotherhood events and activities.


​Who can serve as a chapter director?

Answer:  The chapter director can be a teacher, support staff personnel, a parent, or a school volunteer.  Whoever is chosen to serve in this position must be vetted and approved by the school principal.  


​What if we cannot find someone to serve as chapter director and we still want to have a Brotherhood chapter in our school?  

Answer:  Director Weathers will work closely with the school to help find a suitable chapter director.  He will serve temporarily as chapter director until someone is found.  


​How often does a Brotherhood chapter meet? 

Answer:  One day per week at the school site and one Saturday a month at a central location.  


Do I have to attend every chapter meeting? 

Answer:  We would hope so; but no, you are not required to attend every session.  


How long are chapter meetings?

Answer: We recommend no longer than 60 minutes.  Some sessions may last longer, depending on the activities involved.  


​ What happens during a chapter meeting? 

Answer:  The chapter director will be given a customized leadership development curriculum to help prepare for each session.  He will follow a recommended scope and sequence when delivering the curriculum.  The session might include a guest speaker, indoor/outdoor activities, hands-on projects, field trips, etc.  We will do our best to make sure each session is lively and productive.  


​Do Chapter members have to pay dues? 

Answer:  No.


​What are the membership requirements?  

Answer:  Students interested in joining The Brotherhood must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, good attendance and conduct, and participate in an interview with Director Weathers. Students not meeting these requirements can still join under the Brotherhood's probational requirements.


​Can a community center or church start a Brotherhood chapter?    

Answer:  Yes.  Those who are interested should contact Director Weathers.  


​How would I schedule a meeting with Director Weathers? 

Answer:  Call/Text (901-229-3045) or write (  

​Where are the Saturday meetings held, and would I be required to attend every meeting?

Answer:  Saturday sessions will be held at a yet to be determined central location.  We are considering the JIFF or Streets Ministry facilities.  


​Who’s over the Saturday meetings?

Answer:  Director Weathers


​Are there fun things to do on Saturdays? 

Answer:  Saturday sessions are very important to the Brotherhood's overall vision.  This is a time when all chapter members convene in one location and are involved in activities and projects that are designed to fulfill our overall mission and goals.  Equally important is that members from other schools and communities will come together on one accord to mingle, learn, and give back to the community, TOGETHER.  The end results is a growing sense of brotherhood among members from across greater Memphis and an opportunity to make our community a better place to live. 

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