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Brotherhood 2024 Summer Activities
We have an awesome schedule of summer activities for your learning and recreational enjoyment.  Come join us!!

Senior Celebration

Graduating from high school is an exciting milestone, a culmination of years of hard work and growth.  The thrill of crossing that stage, diploma in hand, is a testament to one's resilience and determination and a reminder that the world awaits with open arms, ready to embrace your unique talents and aspirations.  So let's celebrate your accomplishments and share our well wishes for the future.  Food, Celebration, and Fun at the Main Event!  Everyone is invited, especially our senior graduates.  

Saturday, June 8th, Main Event  3 p.m. to 6 p.m.   

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It's WFF Sunday & Fathers Day!! 

Father's Day is a cherished occasion dedicated to honoring and appreciating the love, sacrifices, and guidance of fathers and father figures.  This day not only acknowledges biological fathers but also embraces stepfathers, grandfathers, and other paternal figures who positively impact families and society.  Join us for another Brotherhood Worship, Family, and Fun Day as we celebrate Father's Day.  Fathers, this is YOUR DAY!!  Join Us!!


Sunday, June 16th, Trinity CME Church, 10 a.m. Service.  Cookout afterward @ Southside Park.  

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Brotherhood Annual Camping Trip  

The Brotherhood's camping trip provides an awesome experience for our teenagers' growth and development. Through shared adventures, mentorship, and leadership opportunities, they gain valuable life skills, resilience, and a deeper connection to the natural world. This transformative journey not only creates lasting memories but also empowers them to become confident, responsible, and well-rounded young men.  It's an AWESOME experience!  Camping, fishing, sports, hiking and more...three days, two nights at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park! Don't Miss It!! 

Fee:  $25 (covers food, lodging, equipment, T-shirt)

Fee can be paid using Cash App: thebrotherhoodb2m; or in cash the first day of the trip.

June 28, 29, & 30 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) 

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Launching Brotherhood Entrepreneurs & Investment Club

Brotherhood ​Investment Club:  Participating in an Investment Club offers significant benefits by providing early financial literacy and education, fostering a sense of responsibility and discipline in managing money. For teenagers, it equips them with practical knowledge of investing, budgeting, and saving, which are crucial life skills. Additionally, participating in an investment club encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and informed decision-making, helping young boys develop a proactive mindset towards their financial future.  We want to help you make your first investments and learn the ABC's of money management.  So come join us!


Brotherhood ​Entrepreneurs:  Want to start your own business?  Learning to be an entrepreneur as a teenager is incredibly valuable as it equips young individuals with essential life skills and a unique perspective that can benefit them in various aspects of life. It fosters independence, self-confidence, and a growth mindset while encouraging creativity and innovation. Teen entrepreneurs gain real-world experience in managing finances, marketing, and operations, preparing them for the future workforce.  We want to help you start your own business, so come join us and learn how to get started!

Saturday, July 13th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Benjamin Hooks Central Library

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WFF (Worship, Family, & Fun):  

Worship, family, and fun are the cornerstones of a balanced and fulfilling life for teenage boys. Worship provides a moral compass and a sense of purpose, guiding them through the challenges of adolescence. Strong family connections offer unconditional love, support, and a safe haven where they can explore their identity and develop healthy relationships. Fun, whether through hobbies, sports, or social activities, allows them to express themselves creatively, relieve stress, and build lasting friendships. Together, these three elements nurture a well-rounded individual, fostering spiritual growth, emotional resilience, and a joyful approach to life.  So come Worship with us at Brown Baptist Church and food, fun, and fulfilling day at Put Put Gaming Center afterwards.  

Sunday, July 28th, Worship service starts at 10 a.m.  

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Youth Leadership Retreat: 

The end of summer and the start of a new school year brings a mix of emotions for many Brotherhood members. While there may be some lingering sadness about bidding farewell to the carefree days of summer, there's also a growing sense of excitement and anticipation. The prospect of reuniting with friends, tackling new challenges, and getting involved in engaging classes and activities can be energizing. As the first day of school approaches, many of the fellas find themselves eagerly looking forward to the opportunities for growth, learning, and fun that the coming months will bring.  The day will be filled with camaraderie and team building activities.  So let's celebrate and prepare for an AWESOME SCHOOL YEAR!!

Saturday, August 3rd, @ Bridges USA (here in Memphis)

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