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Brotherhood Dress Code

How we look is an important part of The Brotherhood brand and the identity of its members. Your appearance matters, especially when you’re representing The Brotherhood brand and your family. 


We expect our boys to always dress appropriately.  We will not compromise our standards in this area anymore. 

Whenever Brotherhood members are together on a trip or involved in activities and events, all members must adhere to the following dress code:


1. Crocs and flip-flops are NEVER acceptable attire/clothing.  You either wear tennis shoes or regular shoes.  No Crocs or Flip flops when attending Brotherhood events. 


2. Sagging pants are NEVER acceptable when attending Brotherhood activities and events.  Members must ALWAYS wear a belt, and pants must be pulled up and worn appropriately. 


Members who show up at an event or activity with no belt or sagging pants will not be permitted to participate and may be asked to leave if the inappropriate attire is not corrected. 

If you cannot abide by these simple rules, then please do not attempt to attend or participate in any Brotherhood activities or events.  

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